Sunday, February 16, 2014

Barcelona half-marathon

Went out to cheer on the BCN half-marathon, that was really cool!

Watching a marathon or half marathon is not something I'd want to do all the time, but it is really interesting!  This was the first guy out of the blocks:

Followed by these three, cruising along:

Then the flood started, there were 15,000 registered!!!

this is about 7K in, further back in the pack.  Much calmer.

It was interesting at the finish, there were people at the point of collapse, or collapsing, I cannot imagine pushing myself THAT hard, where I am literally weaving down the road or collapsing in the street.  Honestly, what is that about?

They were also hauling folks out who hadn't paid...some of them a little too enthusiastically.  Kinda weird.  Pissed off a fair number of folks too.

Though in the organizer's defence, you are supposed to wear your number on your front, not your back, or in your hand, or in your pocket, and if you are running a race like this, without paying, if they signal that you need to leave the course, do it with good grace.


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