Sunday, February 2, 2014

Running with Youngest

Youngest has started running with me, and after three weeks, we have a problem.  She is now much faster than me.  Ho hum.  That 30 year or so age gap rears it's head!

Problem is we run in the mountains, which is WAY more fun that anywhere else, but it also means that I want her to kinda sorta stick with me, and that we kinda don't want her to go on her own.  SO today, she was feeling FAST and I was p.l.o.d.d.i.n.g......but sad.  She had to run like a puppy dog, run ahead, turn around, run back and find me, then run ahead again.

I would say on the whole that puppies enjoy that rather more than teenage girls do.  I also have to say that it wasn't a whole lot of fun for me either.  I wasn't running with her, but didn't feel I could run my own pace, or stop if I wanted to. 

We're working on a solution. 

I will also put today's drawing up in a bit.


thecatalanway said...

So hard to imagine anyone running faster than you! She must be amazing. What about Chuck - does he stick with you or keep ahead with her? What about a whistle?

Kate x

oreneta said...

Kind of you, but really, I am not all that fast, and she is so young! I think a whistle is actually a great idea!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don't put her on a leash, or she'll tear your arm off pulling :D

oreneta said...

Darned tooting!!!!! Though maybe when I'm old enough I need a wheel chair....I'll just lash her to it.