Saturday, February 22, 2014

How did you get in here???

Chuck was sitting peacefully beside me on the floor, doing a good imitation of a peaceful obedient loyal dog, when he suddenly got up and ran over to the base of the stairs, ears up...


and backed away, looking at me.

I got up pretty fast too, and there was a pretty small toad in the house!?!?!????


Photos came out kinda grainy.  He didn't object to his photo being taken, I think he was enjoying the warmth of my hands.

He's now out back, a friend for the big fellow out there.

Still doesn't answer the question of where they are coming from.

Oh, and Chuck?  He went and hid in his box once I picked the toad up.  You'll notice I didn't include brave in the description at the top of this post.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh too bad he's a bit blurry :(. I wonder where the one we had in the basement went. Maybe it's still hiding somewhere...

oreneta said...

they live a long time without eating, he could still be there.

Yeah, the blurry, it was pretty dark in the house and we didn't want to scare the little guy. If I meet him again, I'll take a better photo!