Monday, February 3, 2014

Catherine of Aragon

Spent about an hour today with a friend trying to unwind the history and lives of Catherine of Aragon, Henry the VIII, Anne Bolyne, Lady Jane Grey, etc, etc, etc

The excitement was greater cause the source of facts we were using were on his phone, in Spanish, which he was translating into English, as we were doing our language exchange and it was the English time, but was having trouble with him and her, he and she.  Imagine, Henry the XIII, the multiple wives, the children, the other descendents and the person describing it is messing up the genders?

Funny as all hell, and somewhat confusing.

I did come out of it, with new knowledge, some of which I should have known, for instance I had Bloody Mary, Mary I, Catherine's daughter mixed up with Mary Queen of Scots.  And some I didn't know, like my boundless admiration for Elizabeth in refusing to marry.

Good on you!  One tough lady that.

Most impressive.

It really does seem that she simply refused. 

There, in the end I did post for today.  Now off to read and draw!

Good night!

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