Saturday, February 1, 2014

Youngest is having a party

Small one, but it's noisy downstairs, so instead of reading or painting, I am burning away my time on fb, though in fact I am chatting with my daughter and my aunt, as well as my sis a bit and some friends, so I'm not sure it's all bad...but still....

Then I noticed, in passing, that someone I knew had posted on a page of someone they knew about 28 drawings later, for February, and I think that that is a very good idea indeed.  Going to post them here.
 These sorts of daily things work well for me.  Activate the blog and get my sorry butt up drawing again!

....a moment later.....  a clear sign it's been too long since I last drew anything....the sketchbook I always keep beside the bed?  Can't find it.  Hmmmmmm.....


I have just spent a whole bunch of time cruising through the MoMA drawings online....that was some time very well spent!

So, here's today's!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun project :)

oreneta said...

Yeah...gotta get off my ass a little more!