Monday, February 17, 2014

New e-reader

Just finished reading my first full book on the ereader, that one that starts with a 'k'.

Fine!  Youngest and I split the cost, and it is the most basic model, no internal light or whatever other bells and whistles they've dreamed up....just a basic ereader.

It was fine, I sometimes found myself accidentally turning pages, but got used to it fast.  There is still the disadvantage of worrying about the book and a certain reluctance to take it with me lest it get damaged, but the actual reading experience, after the first little bit was fine.

Now Youngest is onto it, let's see what she thinks.

I will have to have a back-up book for when Youngest is reading, still that same problem that only one person at a time can read.

Also, the other night, it ran out of juice and turned off.  An another annoying habit that books don't have.  It's normally only me that runs out of juice and the end of the day and turns off.


Anonymous said...

LOL Seadog

Anonymous said...

I have a non-touch one (that start with a K and is sold by the mega corporation that starts with an A). Basic from a couple of years ago. I haven't faced battery problems yet. Usually the charge indicator would be clear enough and I would charge it before it starts to blink too bad. Then a full charge lasts several weeks, at least for me... I do find it convenient when traveling, less things to carry than if I had to bring on a whole series of books in the suitcase... But I still buy some books in paper form. Both formats coexist in my home at the moment.
Glad you finally made the jump :).

oreneta said...

Yeah...Seadog, laughing at me! I am usually the one that runs out of juice, and I prefer it that way!

ElP, I too have a non-touch K sold by A, and I didn't have a battery problem, but the battery icon is pretty small and it crapped out on me mid-read. Meh. I like the ease of getting books in multiple languages. And the immediate gratification is lovely too.

Helen said...

Mine is the Canadian one, and uses library ebooks. Free is the way to go as far as I am concerned. (Though I do have the K app on the iPad for a particular book I wanted) . However I read books in all formats.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I dithered over an ereader for awhile. Then realized that my iPad had a kindle app. I do still like holding a book, flipping through the pages at random and flipping back again to find a nugget which I have not yet mastered with the kindle. Some books are crazy cheap as a kindle version though. I always weigh the opportunity - paper vs electronic. Sometimes the paper version wins out. You know that there is a company called the book depository that ships internationally for free. I also use there website to bounce off different prices when I am looking for a paper version of a book. Oh my, but the world is getting smaller and smaller, isn't it? I assume you have heard that Katy's Bonnie passed yesterday. So hard to think of that, my own last old girl is 16 and we had some distress just last week but it is evening out. How is Chuck?

Anonymous said...

My K was actually a Christmas present, I never really considered an ereader myself. But I grew to like it. One convenient thing with it is the integrated dictionaries. For a foreigner like me, it can be pretty darn helpful :). One thing I dislike though is that sometimes the quality of the digitized version could be sub-par (bad proofreading, especially for works in French sold by English/American editors, where we have diacritic symbols or characters that are not common in English, like æ or œ, and "equivalent page numbers" or proper clickable table of content is not defined. Had to purchase some books for E's studies, she needed to be able to quote chapters and page numbers. Not all eBooks are created equal...).

oreneta said...

Helen, there's a Canadian one????? Have to do a little hw on that. Didn't even know. I too read books in all formats, and I'm getting used to the electronic...though it is a little odd still.

Bodhi, I did hear about Bonnie. Sad. and I'll check out the book depository....thanks!

ElP, my k has only one integrated dictionary, well two, Oxford British English and Oxford American English...a little ridiculous, but what the heck. I have so far not had a problem with quality, but I just downloaded two books in Catalan, lets see how the handle the accents and symbols and non-English letters like ç.

Helen said...

The. Kobo (anagram of book) is made by a Canadian company, so i can feel virtuous about the company and not spend money. Though your access to,free Ebooks in Spain must be very limited. Have you looked at Project Gutenberg and other free sites.

oreneta said...

I have looked at some, sadly the Toronto Public Library won't let me use my library card with the IP address I have here.