Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Went walking again in BCN yesterday

with a friend, and we described chaotic circles around the Raval district, which in the past was quite seedy - ie frankly dangerous - and is now, for the most part, just a little rough around the edges. 

It is, however, fabulous if you like street art....


OK, the first one isn't street art, it's a view on my way into BCN.... and a nice one!

Now some genuine street art.....

there were a lot more posters this time around, not sure why.....

and I think tagging is dumb.

this is very old street art....

this one I've seen all over the place and my ignorance is showing, I have a feeling that with a smart phone there is something you can do with th

This is an abandoned church, and a lovely one too.  Sad what's happened to it.

See the old floor beams?  Enormous!!!!

There were quite a lot of these as well, in a range of sizes, I didn't get a chance to look too closely....

The CCCB, if you read those windows carefully is one of the very coolest museums here in BCN

After Keith Haring, they were painting some words, along the lines of, 'together we can stop AIDS' which fits in as much of his work was heavily influenced by his AIDS diagnosis, and went to assist groups in fighting AIDS.

this mural is on public display as well, by Eduard Chillida, one of Spains most important sculptors.  He was Basque.

OK, this is a bit of a cheat, cause I had to go into the lobby of MACBA, and I don't even love Tàpies' work that much, but it was there, and it counts, kinda.

Very pretty for street art, kinda surprised it hasn't been tagged.

Old street art, I've actually been past her many times and this was the first time I saw her, my friend pointed her out!

Old construction and new


Love this, you can paint my van (if I had one) any time!

Kinda sorta a cheat, cause I was in a courtyard that is sometimes closed, and he wasn't visible from the street, nonetheless, it's outside and free....


Frieda-Madonna with a pistol!

More from the walk soon

Have I ever mentioned that I adore this city?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful artwork. I think you had a nice long walk. Did you stop for coffee somewhere interesting?

Anonymous said...

Nice! :). The one you see everywhere and has no clue about is from "Invader", a street artist putting up mosaics like that everywhere. The characters are monsters from old arcade video games (most notably "space invaders", hence the name). There are plenty in Paris, and also a couple in Prague, that I noticed. On http://www.space-invaders.com you can check out a map of the "invasion" ;)

oreneta said...

Seadog, strangely, no we didn't we were on a MISSION!!!

ElP...the invader did look familiar, looked pacmanish...and that little reflective piece...that's why they're familiar, I'm that old!!!!! I'll go look at that website. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the street art! So varied compared to San Francisco. Though the Banksy visit a few years ago was fun.

oreneta said...

Berlin is apparently THE place to go for street art, but it ain't to shabby here!