Sunday, February 9, 2014

Went walking again today!

Yesterday was lovely, work, hang out at the rock climbing gym with youngest, friends over for dinner.....then today, a walk.  Hmmmmm

Nothing spectacular today, walking around where we live, but you know what?  Where we live is pretty great too. 


That picture?  That's a pair of Sequoias!!!!  Really!  Ah hour and a bit walk from my house.  I never knew, how weird is that.

A friend showed me the way there, and his dog (and Chuck) shared a bit of my lunch and they both shared Chuck's.

Meet Zeus:

The sequoias again, can I just say that it is something of a challenge to get a decent photo of a sequoia.  Am I the only one who feels that Sequoia ought to be written with a capital?

There were plane trees scattered around, and they were a most spectacular orange colour, which you can kind of see in this photo...possibly a fungus?

The almonds are in bloom.  Life is so wonderful.  The cherries are close behind.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous walk. We did Toronto Island in snow. Nice, but an almond tree has its attractions
Sea Dog

AnneC. said...

Love sequoias! so impressive

oreneta said...

Toronto Islands....BRRRRRRrrrrrr was it windy? If it wasn't that wouldn't be tooooo bad....

Tya, there aren't many here, and I've seen one in England, but I'd love to get out to the West Coast and see real seqoias that aren't shivering!!!

Anonymous said...

There was no wind, thank goodness. The harbour is completely frozen over up to 12" of ice. Eric is breaking four paths in the ice every morning at 5 am. seadog

Anonymous said...

So jealous that you already have blossoms... If only I had some proper snow here to make up for it, but not even that :p

oreneta said...

You ran into Eric???? Haven't seen him face to face in AGES, though I do see stuff from him on FB from time to time!

ElP, winter and cold with no snow is the worst. So sorry! Nothing to play with!!!! Yick.