Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Casa Batlló

I'd never gone.  It's a house by Gaudí in BCN that we had never ever visited, cause it is so expensive to get into!  Well, prices have gone up on most museums, but as I was saving it to visit when friends want to go....Monday was my day!  We had a bunch of friends in BCN who wanted to see it....and I was so glad.

There is a 5 Euro discount if you are from BCN, so I was trying to talk them into one point I even pointed out to them that I was speaking CATALAN....c'mon, cut me some slack...I've learned the damned language, that ought to be worth a 5 Euro discount, no?

They thought so...after I showed them my library card so they could see I was at least from nearby!

In we went.  As always, with Gaudí, it was spectacular. 

Here, I'll show you:

Lovely, no?


Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see it, its an amazing bit of architecture
Sea Dog

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. But a 5€ discount? Full price must be super high if you can get discounts as "big" as 5€ on it... Yikes!

Nomad said...