Sunday, January 26, 2014


I have recently met two people who left me kind of amazed.

They are both in the 19 - 22 range.  Both studying.

One, wants to be a translator, she said.  She copies everything in class, never does the exercises and never speaks anything but her own native language (not even the other language here - Catalan).  She has, at best, about 40 years before she masters another language.  A translator. Cause they make so much money, she said.  I'm not sure which of those delusions is the greater.  Unless she meant a simultaneous translator.  They do make decent coin, but purportedly go bonkers after about a decade -  decade and a half.

The other?  Going to school to be a personal trainer.  He smokes.  A lot.   He does no sports.   At. All.  Played some football as a kid, and used to skateboard.  


This sounds very negative, and I am really questioning posting it, cause I feel kinda mean explaining this.  But, honestly, I don't understand their view of the world, how they think this will work? 

I am...mystified. 


Anonymous said...

And they seem a little old to be so naive. Hope you don't come across many like that. Seadog

Anonymous said...

she probably meant an interpret. Although it's quite a hard job to get into, and not sure it pays so well. There are legions of bilingual people out here, just look in Brussels or Strasbourg (EU institutions galore). Interpreters and translators are a dime a dozen and mostly can't find work because there is so much competition there... Oh well. At some point, I suppose either or both will realize what it takes to make their dreams come true... (hint: starts with ef and ends with fort :D )

thecatalanway said...

Ha Ha Ha! Knowing my situation you can understand why I laugh. It is normal here - fantasies - delusions. Someone not too far from home doesn't want to get a job and become part of the Poor Mans Mentality. Is going to borrow money from a money shark in order to start up an online business. Meanwhile - had to borrow money to buy a beer tonight.

They aren't all like that but it's not unknown