Wednesday, January 15, 2014

sculpture in an cemetary

Went off recently to a cemetery in Arenys de Mar.  There were several reasons for this apparently strange desire, but here they are.  We went, over Christmas, to an exhibit at the CCCB in Barcelona (a museum) about a Catalan author and poet Salvador Espriu who came from Arenys and who is buried there.  The kernel of the idea is born.

Also, the cemetery is supposed to have some decent architecture in the modernist style, what you have to understand is that the same people who had the fantastic buildings put up all over this area, also built astonishing tombs.  Barcelona cemetery is well worth a visit.  Arenys is supposed to be that way too.

Well, not so much, there were a few sculptures by Josep Llimona (meh, all rather long and lugubrious, but whatever) and a couple of overblown tombs....

but the best was a temporary exhibit in the cemetery by a local artist.  There are some amazing local artists by the way.  My photos are not so great as the friend I was with wasn't very interested in the sculptures and so I was going pretty fast, but I'm still likely to post more of them than you're interested in.  Interestingly the exhibition, or more accurately the series of sculptures are all related to the poetry of Espriu and this last year was the something or other anniversary of his birth/death, not sure.  Clever of the artist to produce this in such a timely way, no?

I really liked the work.  Really a lot, as in, I may go back on the weekend.  That said, the work seemed fairly obviously derivative.  That may not be fair, but it sings strongly of Picasso, Miró and Tàpies, but strongly.  She does have her own look and feel, I am not saying that, but the influence of these three is really strong.  Not so sure about that.

So, without more ado, the sculptures!  Also a video about the artist, with subtitles in English, and her webpage in English

I love this one, Achillies' worst tattoo idea!!!!

They were mostly between mid-thigh and waist high on me....mixed media, but mostly clay.....really neat.


Anonymous said...

They're wonderful! Seadog

Anonymous said...

Sea dog and eldest enjoyed it a lot

oreneta said...

They were amazing! And a bonus cause we didn't expect to see them