Friday, January 17, 2014

Good news!

Scrolling through my ereader, I came across these two bits of good news (I'm not counting our wonderful Ontario Premier's snub of Ford)

1:  Female sea snails are no longer growing penises since a toxic chemical has been banned.

This is amazing news!  Lots more happy snails - who were suffering a wide range of other problems as well - and it is good to see that change is possible

then there was

2:  India has been officially declared POLIO FREE!  I think that is also amazingly good news!!!! Change, good change is also possible!



Anonymous said...

Good news feel like they are scarce, these days... It was worth mentioning :)

Anonymous said...

First attempt at space travel and no more polio! Things are looking lovely for india! its really jice to hear giod news sometimes - eldest

oreneta said...

Good news is good...gotta keep that in mind. Science is actually pretty good for good news as they aren't driven by sales. They have some pretty terrible news too, but good as well. For instance, they just found a gigantic icefilled valley in antarctica, bigger than the Grand Canyon, that will - I don't understand how, but they say - alter our thinking on a number of issues!!!

India is doing well, in some ways. Actually if you read through the grass-roots work that was put in in India to get it Polio free, it's even cooler! And whoever came up with an affordable oral polio vaccine that is presumably not too heat sensitive! There should be a big fat prize for that too, aside from going to bed every night knowing that hundreds of thousands of kids will NOT contract polio cause you went into work and did your thing! Pretty good prize that in fact.