Monday, January 13, 2014

Gingerbread houses

Here's what youngest did with hers:

Eldest, however, never got around to hers, so it became mine by default, so, gradually, eating the candies, then the Man finishing them off, I just melted the white chocolate for snow, smeared it on the pieces and called it done.

Post-modern style.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice :). Odd, I don't do gingerbread houses, much. Never really tried. Although I'm pretty sure nowadays, kits can be found anywhere...

oreneta said...

I never did as a child, I've done it sporadically with the kids though, first time on the boat, to make things more festive. And it was a kit. So was this one, from IKEA!!! It came with only the walls, no candies, no rather more difficult than most.