Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Went walking last Monday

This took a while to post, cause just after I came back, the computer died....  sigh, though it has since been repaired, so here I am posting!

ANYWAY, it was great, we went off one afternoon and came back the next evening, staying in a gorgeous casa rural.


It had snowed at the higher end of the walk, and in some places, it was gorgeous, sparkling off all the branches...

We had laughingly said that these mountains are furry at this time of year, they look it, no?  A fur coating of trees?

Lots of views of mountains in the distance.

Sun was starting to go down here and made a spectacular effect in the valley.

Though it doesn't look it, we went down this crazy spectacular descent in the dark.  Great fun.

Walked by this church on the way to our place for the evening

Check this joint out!

This is where I slept....good deal, no?  And if we were invaded, I had the windows to shoot them through...though no bow or arrows.


The second day we went up and up and up beside a stream with plenty of lovely places to swim....must do that again when it's hot enough that you want to!

Abandoned farm house right up at the top of one of the mountains.  This was a barn, clearly.


Anonymous said...

Neat :). And too bad the computer died. Seems to be in the air, my laptop screen is also pretty much on the verge of dying, and me no likey... Although I may be able to replace it myself, if it comes down to it. Cheaper than buying a new one. But still... A pain.

oreneta said...

Tis a pain, and this fortunately wasn't too expensive to repair...especially since fixing it myself isn't in the cards!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place to go walking and also to stay and eat toast. Seadogvenci the

oreneta said...

Seadogvenci the? Is this Seadog's Italian cousin?????

It was stunning. Absolutely beautiful place.