Sunday, January 12, 2014

Walking in the new year!

Normally I go walking with a group of people from the village, and (almost) always, we go to the mountains, that's what the group is in fact called, the group of the mountains.  Sounds better in Catalan.

This year though, to start off the year, we went to the sea!

Nice day, no?


Anonymous said...

Nice. Apparently, a Czech tradition on New Year's day is to climb Říp, the hill where the founder and patriarch of the Czech nation claimed the land of Bohemia for himself and his folks (according to legent). We went, but unlike other years, this year was not so icy and slippery...

oreneta said...


That's a lovely tradition!!! I don't think there is a traditional walk on New Year's day, as they don't normally get home until about 9am...even grandparents, this was a few days later!!!!