Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catalonia is fantastic. Catalunya és una meravella

So, we couldn't go snowshoeing, so instead we went rowing on the sea!  How sweet is THAT!

Doncs.  No podíem anar a fer raquetes llavors, hem anat a fer rem al mar!!!! Una meravella aquest país, Catalunya.

Of course I rowed quite a bit when we were living on the boat, and in the summers because our dingy's only auxiliary propulsion is us and a pair of oars. I have never, however, rowed with a group in a boat with other people you have to keep time with.   I lie, I ice canoed one season, and we did it there.  That was very nearly 20 years ago though......

Evidentment vaig fer força rem quan vam viure a la barca perquè la barqueta petita que vam utilitzar per anar i tornar a la terra no tenia cap altre propulsió fora de nosaltres i una parella de rems.  Mai he fet rem amb un grup quan has de anar junts i a l'hora amb altres.  No.  Mentida.  Feia canoa de gel un any i he era gens amb que vaig haver de coordinar-me.  Fa 20 anys això.....

I don't know whether to show you the icky photos of my blistered and torn off blistered hands though......  either way,  after the row we all sat around on the terrace for a while and then Youngest and I then went off to the beach for a few hours, after we left the rowing crowd. 

No sé si us ensenyo una foto dels meus mans amb ampolles i ampolles trencades.....potser no.  Desprès de remar hem passat una bona temps al terrat amb una mica de pica pica.  Quan hem tornat a marxar, la petita volia quedar a la platja, i ho hem fet.

Lovely day.

Quin dia més maca.


J.G. said...

Always nice to be on the water, yes? Even when it results in the blistery badges of rowing courage. I had one nasty one from kayaking but it was totally worth it! Sympathies while you heal up.

oreneta said...

I agree with you, not the kind of thing to stop doing something for. Kayaking is something I have not done enough of, and that's the truth.