Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting down to business. Fent negocis

My list for tomorrow is unnerving.

1. The market
2. Run
3. The Man and Eldest go off to apply for her DNI and passport.  Wish them luck and a half
4. Buy tickets for Canada for us and the dog
5. Finalise the place to stay for Canada...fingers crossed
6. Buy tickets to see a concert in BCN
7. Transfer money at the bank to reserve my place on an upcoming excursion
8. Prep for a course I'm taking on Fri morning
9. Buy tickets to a different concert, hopefully
10. Get tickets to go to Paris
11.  Sort out a question with Revenue Canada (FUN WOW!)
12.  Try to complete a big adventure I have planned and get that rolling.  FAST!


La llista per demà em fa nerviosa.

1. Anar al marcat
2. Córrer
3. El meu Home i la Gran van a buscar el DNI i passaport per la Gran.  Creus dits i esperem.
4. Comprar billetes per anar a Canadà per nosaltres i el gos
5. Finalitzar el lloc on quedem aquest estiu, espero
6. Compre una entrada per anar a un concert en BCN
7. Fer un transferència a la caixa per fer una reservació per una excursió
8 Preparar-me per un curs que faré divendres al matí
9.  Comprar una entrada per un altre concert a BCN, espero
10.  Comprar billetes per anar a Paris
11. Intentar de clarificar una dubte amb Revenue Canada (dels impostos)
12 Intentar de concretar una gran aventura que tinc planificat...RAPIDAMENT!



thecatalanway said...

My goodness - you'll be up early! Hope we can get to meet up sometime soon - I am confused - did we arrange something?

Good luck with it all - are you sure you don't want to make a cake as well?

K x

oreneta said...

No, that's Sunday. The cake that is. I'll send you an email about meeting, OK?

elpadawan said...

Wow, that's a pretty big list. I think it's patience that will be needed, more than just luck, for the applications :D

Sam said...

I love that you're bringing the dog here!

sounds exhausting....remember to do the LAST thing on your list....BREATH!

Good luck,

Beth said...

Quite the list! At least the positives offset the negatives.

oreneta said...

Kate, I'll read your email with a calender in the morning and get back to you.

ElP, more determination that patience...I don't want to post the list for tomorrow, it kinda scares me too!

Sam, some days you've just got to beat the list d.o.w.n., no?

Beth...yeah, lots of positives there. It was a good day. A wee bit expensive, but good.