Monday, March 26, 2012

A visceral understanding. Ho entenc físicament

I walked a long way today.  I walked 40K today.  It was lovely and my legs are tired and the dog still had energy to burn at the end of it all!

He caminat una distància ben llarg avui.  He caminat unes 40 kilòmetres avui.  Ha estat un plaer absolut, les meves cames estan cansats i el gos encara té energia a sobre.

One thing I figured out today though, in a deep personal understanding kind of way.  Springs.  Catalunya, and the mountains here are full of springs.  Called fonts in Catalan.  These are much beloved and often called after saints, though not always.  One of the ones that I passed, and drank out of today, apparently has the best water in Spain.  That's what I was told.  I've heard claims, not quite so broad, but similar claims for most of the fonts in the mountains.  Those lower down, not so much...too much ground pollution, but the high ones?  Best water there is.  I'm told.

Una cosa que he solucionat una cosa avui per un nivell molt personal.  Fonts.  Catalunya i els muntanyes aquí les tenen moltes.  Hi ha casi una reverencia pels fonts...sovint porten nomes dels sants, però no sempre.  Un de les fonts que he passat avui, i de que he begut també, té, m'ha explicat una parrella per allà, té el millor aigua d'Espanya.  He sentit sentiments semblants per moltes fonts, potser no sentiments tan ambiciós, però similar.  Les fonts més a baix, ara no estan tan segur, hi ha massa de contaminació pel terra, però les dels muntanyes?  El millor aigua del món, em diuen.

The thing is that this is a pretty dry land, and a pretty hot land.  And the fact that cool clean water simply springs from the earth seems like, well, it seems like a gift or magic.  Something very special.

Aquest país és força sec i força calin.  La realitat que aigua net i fresca simplement surt del terra sembla, bé, sembla una regal, o màgica.  Una cosa molt especial.

I now have no problem understanding how it is that springs were attributed their own gods, and faeries.
No tinc cap dificultat  entendrònt com les fonts tenien les seves propies reis, o sants.  


Beth said...

There’s a lot of magic on this earth we either fail to see or take for granted.
I believed in fairies as a child – wish I still did.

thecatalanway said...

that is absolutely lovely and makes me want to climb up into the hills and drink from the fonts - tasting each one's difference. they are gifts and long may they flow! K x

elpadawan said...

Well, that's what you learn in schools, that water comes from springs that come out of mountains... Unfortunately, it's now turned into almost a miracle when you can see this naturally, and the springs have not been "tapped" by the bottled water industry...

Helen said...

You are a superwoman!

Springs are magical - but also sensible. Where Brian lives the spring in the churchyard is where all the village used to get their water, and it has probably been a holy spring (hence the church) since pre history. Llantwit actually gets all its water from springs - we are artesian, and the water tastes better than round about us