Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wolf Hall Wolf Hall

I finally picked up Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.  It's not really my kind of book, though not something anathema to me, but not the first book I'd go to.  Also, my Dad gave it to me, having finished it himself, and told me that I it takes a little concentration to keep track of who everyone is. 

Finalment he començat Wolf Hall escrit per la Hilary Mantel.  No és el tipus de llibre que normalment llegeixo, però tampoc és un tipus que m'odio.  També el meu pare me'l va donar quan el va acabar i em va dir que necessitar força concentració per quedar clar qui és qui i qui ha fet què a qui.

So, I picked it up with some trepidation, and you know what?  It's great.  Shouldn't be a surprise, but there it is, and it is no trouble keeping everyone lined up so far, and I'm half way through.  I'll post about it when I'm done.

Llavors l'he començat amb una mica d'esglai, però saps què?  És fantàstic.  No hauria de ser una sorpresa, però mira, és així.  Encara no he tingut cap dificultat recordant tots els personatges i ja he acabat la primera meitat.  Us diré més quan acabo.

Whatcha reading now?
Què esteu llegint ara?



Trish said...

I'm glad to hear you're liking it! It's on my TBR shelf and I've had some reservations myself. Right now I'm reading The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and I'm loving it! Barcelona in the 1910s . . .

Beth said...

I’m reading A Widow for One Year by John Irving. Crazy thing is, I thought I’d read it years ago. What a pleasant surprise to discover I hadn’t! I’m really enjoying it.

I’m going to google Wolf Hall – although your recommendation should be enough.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Richard Russo's Bridge of Sighs. I have loved everything of his I have read so far. Last read was Don Chaon's Await Your Reply, which I also loved, I read something else by him that I adored but forget the title. Await Your Reply was many layered, a little creepy and yet thoroughly engaging.

elpadawan said...

Well, right now I'm reading your blog. Good read, there are even pictures, and it's not too difficult following who which character is... :D

Boo and Trev said...

I loved Wolf Hall. Having spent my education being taught a very Catholic perspective on the reformation I did not expect to come out pro Cromwell and anti Moore. Brilliant writing and I am looking forward to the next two.
I have just read The Seige by Helen Dunmore. Book group choice. Very good but about the seige of Leningrad so a bit grim. Next book group choice is mine which is Hard Times by Dickens. We are a barrel of laughs in our book group.

Helen said...

I too loved Wolf Hall The follow up is due in the autumn and I am really excited!

I am currently reading Moon over Sloan by Ben Aranovitch which is a policeman who is an apprentice magician. Harry Potter meets crime novel - am only a few pages in so no decisions yet

thecatalanway said...

Well that was clearly a good question to ask with all these comments!!!
Do you mind if I nick the idea?

Me - I have just finished Veus de Pamano in Catalan!!! which I am very proud of. And now trying to start one in castellano which I am finding harder. It's called Isola Bella and is set in Italy.
In English - just finished the last Driving Over Lemons book which I had in the loo to dip into whenever....
And by the bed was a WONDERFUL novel by John McGahern called That They May Face The Rising Sun. Set in Ireland, reminded me of the voices on my fathers side of the family. A great writer. Finished that two nights ago.(the title refers to the position of the body in the grave - facing East)

And I'm now looking for another English one so may follow your suggestion. But I am wondering why you thought it wasn't the sort of book you like?
What sort of book is it?
K xxx

oreneta said...

Trish, I have to read Carlos Ruiz Zafon....maybe my Spanish is good enough now....hmmmm

I've never read any Irving, seems I should give him a try, do you think?

That sounds like a winner, I've been on a bit of a dry spell with books, so this is proving helpful!

ElP, glad you're enjoying clever one!

Boo and Trev, you do seem a jolly lot....though I've read some Dickens recently and it is well worth it...I've got to get my hands on some more... the 125 hours of Bleak House audiobook I have downloaded is slightly intimidating though.

Helen, another one, hmmmmm, she is a very good writer.

Kate, well, it won the Mann Booker, which generally means it is serious and something of a slog, plus it is a very guy book, historical novel all about Cromwell, Henry the VIII and Moore, it seemed so, well, GUY....but it is written by a woman and is quite good indeed.

Sam said...

Right now I'm reading something called The Map of Time by Felix J Palma - not sure how I'm going to like it since it's starting out w/ a bunch of Jack the ripper moments & a suicide! only a few chapters in, I'll let you know.

To Helen...if you like the magician/detective thing ... can I suggest a few you might like? Simon R Green - Nightside series - starts of strange but give him a chance (the Drood series is good as well) and the Harry Dresden series by .... shoot the authors name has gone right out of my head but you can googgle him...he's a magician detective as well.

Sorry to hijack your post but you did ask!! LOL!