Saturday, March 3, 2012

We were supposed to have been going snowshoeing. Havíem d'anar a fer raquetes demà

but there's no snow.  Poop.

però no hi ha neu. Caquetes.

Started the annual battle with the taxes, a long and dreary one here for the Canadian taxes.  COMPLEX!  Also the Spanish documents we need - sort of T4 equivalents - don't come out for some time.  My boss has given me mine, but the man's is a wee bit trickier.

Hem començat la batalla amb els impostos...una batalla molt llarga i molt malenconiós i lúgubre per fer els del Canadà.  TAN COMPLEXOS!!!  També els documents espanyols que necessitarem - no surten per uns altres mesos.  La meva cap m'ha donat la meves, però les del meu home són una mica més problemàtic.

The up side is that I spent a good part of the afternoon going through papers, resorting them so they're where they should be, and binning a good lot of them.  Ahhhhhhh.  Taxes from 2004?  Not any more!  We had a big toasty fire in the fire place to get rid of all the paper that we shouldn't just recycle.  I feel lighter and floaty.

L'avantatge amb tot d'aquest treball és que he passat un bon part de la tarde revisant papers, reorganitzant-los que estiguin on haurien de ser, i llençant una quantitat impressionant.  Ahhhhhhh.  Impostos del l'any 2004?  Gràcies, però mai més!  Hem fet un foc ben gran aquesta tarda per cremar tots els papers que no són per reciclatge.  Em sento molt més lleuger i falguera.

Now, my debate for tomorrow, the mountains or the sea?  Hmmmmmmmm so tough to chose.

Ja, haig de decidir per demà.  Muntanya o mar?  Hmmmmmm, una decisió dura.


thecatalanway said...

The sea almost always wins with me! Especially now that it is sunny (not today I know) and not busy.
You are good doing taxes things - I seem to think I have escaped all that. But I will have to do something about UK ones - send things to the accountant before april and perhaps pay something!!!

Do we have a date? Kate xxx

Beth said...

Don’t feel too sorry for you about no snow when your debate for tomorrow is the mountains or the sea! I'd love either one.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oooo, what a nice dilemma - the mountains or the sea! What is the protocol for keeping records of a Canadian variety? I am anxiously looking forward to shredding a whole whack of records...

Ah, no snow, well we don't have much either. After a 2 day storm, not much is left here, after rain and warmer temps. A weird winter indeed, but we did capitalize on the latest snowfall with a x-counry ski on Friday.

Now, if I can only figure out these insane blogger codes that are supposedly there to prove I'm not a robot. (to paraphrase Charlie Brown - Good Grief)

elpadawan said...

You're still doing your canadian taxes? I thought since you're based in Spain, maybe you wouldn't have to file Canadian taxes... Oh well, expat income taxes are always more complicated...
Too bad about the snow shoes.

oreneta said...

Yes, now I'm the disorganised one.....I'll get on it!

I went for the sea in the end, as you saw....

Cross country is a lot of fun....I do enjoy that.

Yeah, Canadian taxes are not something that ever ends. We want to maintain ties and residency there as well.....well sort of residency.....also I work there in the summers so I pretty much have to.