Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well, went on a lovely long walk today, 23K....and it was delightful.  Damp in spots, but lovely.  Met up with Kate, we got there at the same time, got in the car just as it started to rain and got out as it ended after a nice half hour natter.....

Doncs, he anat a un passeig de 23K avui, era preciós...una mica humida, però, molt maca.  He trobat amb la Kate, hem arribat al mateix moment, hem pujat al cotxe per esmorzar al moment quan començava de ploure, i hem sortit quan acabava desprès d'uns 30 minutes de xerraire!

On the other hands, we met up with potential Trailwalker team members, and we're still waiting.....they want a 24 hour cooling off period to debate whether they want to do this....more onthe level of raising the funds than on the level of doing the walk.  The thing is that you have to raise a certain amount of money to do the course and if you don't get that much, you cannot walk.

Per un altre banda, amb la tema de Trailwalker, encara estem pendants.  Un 24 hores de pensaments....volen rumiar, sobre tot, no estan gens segur que poden arribar amb els diners que tocar per fer la cursa.

Patience.  Paciencia.

On a different note, I found I wrote this post first in Catalan, then in English....just spent an hour with a good size group of Catalans......

Per dir un altre cosa, he escrit això primer en Català i desprès en anglès...he acabat de passar una hora amb un bon grup de Catalans.


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Excellent walking!

I have to tell you, everytime I click on your site and see Chuck at the top I smile.

Beth said...

Patience and hope.
Don't give up - I can tell this means so much to you & it's such a worthwhile endeavour.

thecatalanway said...

Lovely to meet up with you - hope the walk back was easy. Sorry about the damp part! The one on the car seat I mean:)
Great that you wrote in Catalan and had to translate - I admire your tenacity with the language.
K xx
Ps are you going to ask others about the walk? Good luck

oreneta said...

Hula, me too! That's why he's still there.

Beth...plugging away, but I'm not sure this is going to come together at this point.

Kate, it was DELIGHTFUL to see you! I just asked the others, but it's a weird ask as I have no idea if I have a team at this point or not.....weird weird weird. More news later!