Monday, March 19, 2012

Pay off for good behaviour. He guanyat perquè m'he comportat bé!

OK, so today was a longer distance day.  I have more time so I had planned a longer walk/run to prep for the Trailwalker should we get a team together. 

But boy o boy, I did not want to go. 

La idea per avui era per fer més distància.  Tinc més temps el dilluns i per tany he planejat un passeig/córrer més llarg per preparar-me per el Trailwalker si podem fer equip.

Però no tenia gens de ganes aquest matí.

I was virtuous though and hauled myself out of bed and off we went....a 13K run with a WHOLE lot of climbing and descending, then after a break at home, a 10K walk to a neighbouring village, then after a short break at home, a 5K walk in the mountains.  Plus a couple of kilometers here in the village. My legs are tired.  Ooof

Em portava bé al final i anava a....córrer per unes 13K amb moltes pujades i baixades, llavors, desprès de descansar unes minutes a casa, una passeig de 10K cap a un altre poble per aquí, i finalment, després d'unes minutes de descans a casa, un passeig de 5K pls montanyes I a més,  un parell de kilòmetres aquí poble.

The bonus?  Up at the top of the mountain I ran into my hairdresser and a couple of friends of his. I now may have walker numbers 4 and 5!!!  Not celebrating till we're signed up and the entry fee is paid, but muted optimism is the emotion of the hour.  And creakiness.

Com una premi, cap a munt del muntanya, he trobat el meu perruquer i alguns dels seus amics.  Ara, potser tenim caminadors números 4 i 5!!  No faig festa fins que tenim tots apuntat i pagat, però una optimisme molt tranquil ha arribat.  I una mica de dolor, com una avia.


elpadawan said...

Fingers crossed!

kate said...

I hope it works out!

thecatalanway said...

Good luck with getting the team together - goodness will your legs hold out till Wednesday? Well done! The Catalan is good - nice to be able to read the two but it must make the writing take longer. K x

Beth said...

Walking does pay off – in so many ways!
May your muted optimism soon be amplified.
(Creakiness not allowed…)

Boo and Trev said...

I hope it works out that you get a team. Makes Trev and my sponsored 7 mile walk along the bridges of London look a bit pathetic!

oreneta said...

Toes too????

Kate, ME TOO!!!

Kate, It does take longer, but it's good for me, and the legs today, strangely, feel fine!

Beth...legs are taking notes. No creakiness allowed.

Boo and Trev, it will probably be something of a sufferfest, but good nonetheless.

Helen said...

Good grief! Good luck!