Saturday, March 24, 2012

no focus. Dia sense focus

Honestly, I am having a hard time putting together a post, today was so very scattered.  There is absolutely nothing I can get a grip on to write about.  Maybe I should look for something very small and make it into something big in good blog fashion.

La realitat és que no puc trobar un focus per escriure avui.  la dia ha passat en una manera molt desconnectat.  No hi ha res que puc utilitzar com un clau, un eix, o frontissa per una història. Potser hauria de trobar un moment molt petit i fer-ho molt gran com fan els blocs molt sovint.

Or not.  O no.

Went to work today, new student, it was fine.  He treballat avui, he tingut un alumne nou, cap problema.

Cut the man's hair.  Nothing exciting to report there.  He tallat els cabells del meu marit. No pas una activitat super emocionat.

Had a nap.  He fet el migdiada.

Walked in the mountain with Eldest. He fet un passeig pel muntanya amb la Gran. 

Though actually that got interesting at the end.  We ran into an, gonna just say it here, an old woman in the hills working her way down to the village.  She was moving a little slow, she said her knees trouble her.  She also said that she's 81.  If I'm going down that route when I'm 81 with that little trouble, I'm counting myself blessed.  I'd also like to state that there is now NO asparagus in the hills near where I live.  She had a GROCERY bag full of asparagus.  OMG, now there's a pro.

Però, de fet, aquest passeig ha quedat força interessant.  Hem trobat una avia pel muntanya, baixant amb molt de compte fins al poble. Ha estat baixant força a poc a poc, i ens ha dit que els genolls la fan mal.  També ens ha dit que té 81 anys.  Quan tinc 81 anys, espero que baixi com a ella.  També, tu juro, no hi ha ni un esparrac pel muntanya ara.  Ni un.  Ella ha tingut una bossa de supermercat PLE d'esparracs.  PLE... una professional.

Asparagus hunting officially delayed a day or two.   
Buscant esparraces, oficialment ajornat per alguns dies.


Sam said...

take a day off - it'll make it seem more exciting! LOL! : )

elpadawan said...

Maybe her knees troubled her because she spent her time knee-bent scavenging all the asparagi from the mountain :D

Beth said...

At your current pace (so to speak) you will be so blessed at that age.

I think days without focus exist to give us a rest from those where there is too much to focus on.

oreneta said...

Yeah, gonna have to do a little hunting at tomorrow!

ElP, good lord yes....for years and years and years...

Beth, so true, a focusless day can be a joy, no?