Friday, March 16, 2012

WHOA!!!! Deu n'hi do!

After four years....four years, two year of which was spent waiting for a single paper from Madrid, Eldest and the Man went to the National Police to get Eldest's papers, her DNI and passport.  This was a couple of days ago.  As expected, we didn't have all the papers, but today?  TODAY????

HOME RUN!!!!!!

Desprès de quatre anys, quatre anys, del qual dos anys esperant per un sol paper del Gran i l'Home anava als Policies Nacionals per buscar els papers per la Gran....el DNI i passaport.  Això fa unes dies.  Com pots imagina, no tenia totes els papers.  Però avui?  AVUI??????


They came home with Eldest's brand new Spanish passport, her brand new DNI (as far as the Spanish are concerned more important than a passport) and Youngests's ID card, which kind of creepily identifies her as a foreigner......

Arribaven a casa amb la passaport espanyol i el DNI nou de trinca!  i un carnet d'identitat per la Petita que, una mica incòmodament, la identifica com 'estrangera'


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I'm doing the "GOOOOOOOAL" dance for you too! Wow, I feel as if I have followed this saga for almost as long as you have lived it. Goodness grief! I'm not sure what it means in other terms of how you live there, but it is something you have been striving for so - GOOOOOAL!!!!

And as for your post below about not being able to sort out a question with Revenue Canada - why am I not surprised?!

Beth said...

Home run, indeed – you finally hit it out of the (bureaucratic ball) park!

elpadawan said...

Wow. I believe celebrations are in order! I find it funny you would yell HOMERUN in English, but GOOOOOOLLLL in Catalan :D

oreneta said...

Revenue Canada is being totally weird, I swear we get a letter from them ever three months, either giving us money or asking for more. TOTALLY weird. And yeah, the sudden lose of bureaucracy was almost like falling, like leaning on a glass wall that wasn't there.

One down, Beth, one to go.

ElP, cultural relevancy I call it ;-P