Monday, March 12, 2012

Someone asked me today. Algú m'he preguntat avui

I was asked today if I was a foreigner.  Un home m'he preguntat avui si sóc una estrangera.

I surprised myself with my answer.  Em sorprenc a mi mateix amb com li he contestat.

Yes and no I said.  Sí i no deia.

Mira com va el meu cap.  Look what's going on in my head.


elpadawan said...

Well, that's integration for you :D. Me? People don't ask, they know as soon as I open my mouth :D

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Well, there you are! I have a new laptop and of course all my bookmarks are on the old PC that no longer cooperates. Your comment on my blog the other day snapped my mind to attention.

Hope all is well in Spain and I will have to spend some time on here catching up. BUT, I now have full time hours at work, after 3.5 years of 30 hours per week, so my leisurely afternoons during the week will now be a distant memory. Oh well, more money is always good!

thecatalanway said...

That is interesting on so many levels! For me it would knock me flat that they asked rather than assumed - take one look at me and you know I don't come from here.
But...according to Bernie the Irish Polyglot....if you dress like the locals and act like the locals and use body language like the locals.....sometimes they think you ARE a local.
K x