Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I finished work today.

I am left with a strange free floating aimless feeling, I have been so focused and directed for the last while it feels odd to be looser.

I handed in my ID card and FOB along with the master key I was issued, and tomorrow my computer account will freeze....I have become a nobody until I reappear, like I have been put into storage.


Eldest is still sick, fever, now a rash. A sore throat. May it end soon please.

A friend at work does a lot of handwork. She makes beautiful pieces of felt work paintings whereinshe actually makes the felted pieces of different colours that she then does embellishing work on. It is quite beautiful. Now she is doing bead work jewelry, I may have to join in the fun on that.....I got the info I need.

In reality I still have work to do, I am gone, but not gone.



Unknown said...

Oh, come on now, you're not a nobody. You're a BLOGGER! You're somebody!

Miss Kim said...

Has your eldest been tested for Mono? Might be an idea.

Beth said...

It's been so long since you've had a chance to relax that it feels "odd" to you!

And, yes, perhaps you should have your eldest checked for mono or strep. (Similar symptoms.)

oreneta said...

DD: So right, how can I be a nobody when I am a blogger...then again....

Kim: We're looking into lots of things, the travel makes it tricky though.

Beth: It is odd, but having spent the day neglecting my kids and napping and doing errands that needed to be done and getting crap done it feels less odd now, I guess.