Sunday, August 26, 2007

Car Wash

We took the kids through a car wash tonight to their tremendous delight. They had been begging all summer and a good portion of last summer too. I knew what they meant. There is something fascinating about a car wash. Your Dad doesn't steer, takes his foot from the pedals, you enter this long tunnel where weird things spray the car and slap up against it, and the feeling of peril if you do open the window, reinforced by your parent's stern admonitions not to. It is all so exciting, like a dance with danger when you know it's safe. Like a mini-tour of Jonah's swim in the whale, or a feasible version of the magic school bus.....the kids even articulated that it was like a monster attacking the car.

The were excited and giggly for half an hour after, like they had escaped a brush with death, only funnier.

I'm not sure how much cleaner the car is though.


Angel said...

what is it about car washes...? My kids used to love them too!!! so did I when I was little...I think it's being in all that water and soap and not being able to control it..."What if it breaks down and we're stuck in her forever?!"

oreneta said...

Beth: It is so true...they all love it, and I did so much, better than a ride at an amusement park, I was always tempted to unroll the window, just to see what would happen...