Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Saturday

We had a quiet day at home, did a few errands, got the youngest new shoes, with possibly the stupidest sales woman on the planet to help us, I had to remind her that there are those foot measuring doo-hickey things so we didn't need to stand around guessing indefinately, and then you know where it says 'right heel' and 'left heel'? So that your big toe actually sits on those lines that tell the sizes? Used it wrong, every time, both kids. Impressive.

We also got new bikes, the eldest is a loaner, so much the better, I don't have to store it, the youngest's is new, well, a new used bike, complete with five gears, hand breaks and shocks (Why does and eight year old need shocks anyway?)

I'll snap it tomorrow, it weighs about a thousand pounds, but she's happy.

This evening we went to the theater, we saw this show....

Which is at the Factory theater for one more night as part of the summerworks was an amazing show and the visuals were spectacular. When you first go in the set seems plain and simple, but it is filled with many layers of secrets and beauty...simply astonishing. She made all of the puppets as well....

Then we went and ate far too much dipped soft chocolate vanilla twirl icecream. What a lovely evening.

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