Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jerkin' my chain.

I am going to be getting a new phone. The cell company called me up and offered one of those sign-up-for-a-long-enough-to-earn-a-major-degree-and-we'll-give-you-a-phone deals. Since my four year old phone is getting a little snarky about dialing the number 4, which is a hassle in a 416 area code that needs said code dialed for every number, I said yes.

I was driving along telling the girls about this, when eldest pipes in.

"Can I have your old phone when the new one comes?"

O: "Well hon, I don't think it will work, and if it does, I'll give it to your Dad."

Eldest: "You never give me anything!"

O: "Come on now...."

Eldest: "All the other kids have cell phones...."


Eldest: "That's OK, I don't want one anyway"

Kids are great for a laugh.


Eldest has since blown a fever. Poor thing, hope the night is quiet.


Joanne Vive la Fr said...

Totally off topic - just had to mention that I have FINISHED HP number 7!!!!
And you?

Beth said...

You may want your girls to have cell phones when they're older - and dating! (I know, perish the thought...)

Have been catching up - thanks for the thanks re: the girls and their books. Hope they enjoy them!

Unknown said...

Wow. You have a four-year-old phone? How did you do that? I thought they weren't even supposed to last two years.

oreneta said...

Joanne: I fart in your general direction. I haven't even gotten my hands on it yet.


Beth: I know I know I know, but she's not there yet. Welcome back!

DD: I only use it in the summers, so in total it is only about 2 years of actual use time. Sneaky sneaky sneaky, no?