Thursday, August 23, 2007


The man's asleep, the kids are asleep, the dog is asleep, and I am still up trolling through university websites.



Ah well, we'll see.

Went for a long bike ride with youngest today, something she has wanted to do for ages. My kids aren't very good at riding bikes. They can swim with sharks, row a dingy, sail a boat, tie knots and start an outboard (maybe), they can enter a school cold and make friends, and they know a bunch about how the world works. They can also speak a bit of Catalan, but ride a bike...not so good.

Eldest taught herself with great determination three summers ago. We had to walk 45 minutes each way every day between the house we own and the house we were living in for about 2 weeks. She wobbled and veered her way back and forth the whole time refusing any help. She got it on the last day, and never got on the bike again. The next year she got one chance at it, and it's true, you don't forget how to ride a bike. Same this year. She isn't very interested though so rides little.

Youngest was on training wheels the year that eldest learned. I was only willing to let them risk death under the wheels of a car one at a time. Last year she took the wheels off and figured it out, then did a massive nasty road rash inducing face plant and that was the end of that season for her.

This year though she is raring to go. Got her a new bike that fits...shoulda taken a picture. It must way a million pounds, has hand brakes and gears, along with shocks...something I've never had, and this new to us bike cost $65! She's so happy, and improving with every outing. You see, while eldest wants to read and write and draw, youngest wants to DO something. Be it cook with us, or make a loom, or costume orbird feeder, or pick berries...this is a girl that wants to be with someone doing or making something. She would have been having quilting bees if she were that generation.

So a big fat bike ride was right up her alley. We went down hill first, then along a fair way, back again then the dreaded uphill home. She was riding pretty fast on the flats by now, and my sore heiny on the man's bike was wearing thin shall we say. There must be more comfortable seats out there for women. Our anatomy is just different to say the least, and men tip their seats up at the front so they can rest on their *ahem* padding, while for us that just seats us firmly on a little paddless and bony patch. No harm done, but really.

Youngest had blisters on her hands and walked up the second half of the hill home. She, by her own admission, was much better going down hill, on the flat and up hill than when we left, but still sucked on the sidewalk where she veers wildly driving into everything in sight. She has the classic problem of looking fixedly at what she doesn't want to hit, and then driving right into it.

We had fun, though it was sweaty. Wish me and my sore nether regions well for tomorrow's ride. Maybe I can at least get that seat lower. The quick release is fine, but the seat is jammed.



Beth said...

Sounds like a great mother/daughter bike ride - no face plants, just Mom ending up with sore "nether regions."

Good luck with today's ride (ouch...)

Angel said...

sounds like you had some fun with your girls Oreneta!!

My boys were cleaning out the garage..YES!!!!..and they found my old 10-speed my 15 yr old said he'd fix it for me if I "remembered how to ride a bike" youngest goes, "MOM! You know how to ride a bike?!?!?!?"""

sad, huh?

Helen said...

You can buy seat covers that give you padding and make the whole experience a much more comfortable one. They cost less that £10 in the UK and any bike type shop will sell them. It all sounds very energetic to me. However as I have been gardening most of the day I have been getting fresh air and sunshine (in britain? in summer?) too

oreneta said...

Beth: It was fun, but I wish my bike was out of storage, it would be more fun...

Beth: We definately aren't really people in the full sense of the word to our kids....there are so many things mothers can't do, by definition, right?????

Helen: There are solutions of a sort I know, but as we are only here a couple of weeks more.....if seats were designed by a woman to start with though....