Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PhD blues.

I went in today to find out about the PhD possibility.


I have to be a full time student to get the funding, and for a PhD I have to be full time period. That means I have to be in Toronto. Do these people not have a concept of say, international studies?

Ah well. I'll have to look at a different route.

There are a few things I can look at.

What frustrates me is that Lesley University in Boston offers fantastic possibilities for highly regarded courses of study, but I cannot afford it, while the fully funded program in Toronto does not have the flexibility I require right now.


I cannot see my way through this right now.

However, my sister said to me once that determination was my most defining characteristic - I still haven't figured out if that is entirely a good thing - but it does point out that I have usually achieved any goals I seriously set myself. This is gradually becoming one of them.

We'll see what happens.

One of the things I love about my work here is the challenge, the people I work with and with whom I get into contact are so bright and stimulating intellectually, I am forced to THINK and stretch and reach. I am forced to look at things a new way. I miss this when I am gone. That is part of why I am interested in doing graduate studies, aside from the obvious and mundane 'career advantage', although while I am sarcastic about that, it could open doors to more levels of work of that would provide that zing.

Eldest seems to be gradually on the mend. Thank goodness.


Unknown said...

Well, I hope that you're able to go ahead and make the phd effort. Then you can call yourself Dr. Oreneta and fool people who mistake you for a medical doctor.

Beth said...

I suspect you possess a "where there's a will, there's a way" personality - that PhD will come some day.

Glad to hear your eldest is on the mend.

Angel said...

go for it girl!!!! You will figure this out somehow, I KNOW you will....

Angel said...

oh, and I'm so glad that Eldest is getting better!

oreneta said...

DD: I know people from someparts of the worldwho have two PhD's and insist on being called Dr Dr (then their name) Weird eh?

Beth: Yup, If you really want to get something done, focus hard.

Beth: Thanks, I hope so. And thanks too, eldest seems to be continueing to be healthier