Friday, August 31, 2007

So near and yet so far.

One of my cousins is here visiting, and rumour has it that she has a copy of book SEVEN for me....I am, shall we say, excited.

Unfortunately she forgot to bring it tonight when we got together.


Of course I was very polite. (Hi worries)

We will get together again on Sunday or Monday and try to pass it on.

The kids and I were saying that maybe I could read it aloud to them on the plane over, but if someone hasn't read it, and hears me part way through. Well that would be awful.

I may have to just read it to them once we get to Spain.


Beth said...

You're right. Don't read it aloud on the plane. You might be escorted off or put down in the cargo section.
Save it for quality time with your girls in Spain!

oreneta said...

Beth: Your right, I'd end up in the hold with the dog....