Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Work and SAILING

Back to work today, that wasn't too bad, just the usual range of crises. Then this evening I got to go sailing!!!!

The man is here and can pick up the pieces on childcare so out I went and was it ever fun. Screwed up and forgot the camera, but what the heck it was rainy enough I may not have gotten it out anyway. We did well too in the light and fluky conditions we had, and ended up in second by a fingernail. Slightly beating youngest's third place that she posted in sailing camp today.

The coolest thing about sailing camp in some ways is the youngest is racing/sailing with the eldest daughter of my old sailing buddy with whom I competed in dingy racing at a relatively high level for years and years, and now our kids are sailing and racing together. Pretty darned cool. They're having a gratifyingly large amount of fun too. They both look so happy, and we're going to go over there for dinner tomorrow night to keep the fun going on.

When I will get all my work done while this is going on I haven't figured out yet.

Ah well.


Beth said...

Somehow, the work will get done.
Enjoy the fun times every chance you get!

oreneta said...

Beth: It's true, although I sweat about it now and then....