Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NOW I understand!!!

There was a news item in the Barcelona Reporter explains everything.

How the Catalans can stay up so late.

Why they eat dinner at 10 pm, even with the 4 year olds.

Why they all look so young for their age.

How they can apparently stay up FOREVER.

Look at this headline!!!!

Average Catalan workday longest since 1999 at 35.8 hours



Esben Agersnap said...

Isn't it fantastic though? I think this is a great way to set up society. For thousands of years people have come up with new inventions to make life easier. But instead of using this free time to relax and spend time with out families and friends we work just as hard as before so we can buy a big car, a flat screen and all sorts of other luxury items that we don't really need, but want because our neighbour just got one.

The tendency in the world today seems to be that we have to work more and more. More so that we can match out neighbour's spending. More so our company can compete against other companies. More so our country can compete against other countries. It's a never ending spiral, which will never set us free to be more than our job: To be fathers, mothers, friends, travellers, painters or whatever we like to do with our free time.

Sorry, for the political rant :o) I just really feel the Catalans are on to something here, whereas the rest of the world is pretty clueless.

Unknown said...

That's hilarious. I guess somebody should check their English.

Or was that English?

Angel said...

No wonder!!!!! WOW!!

Esben Agersnap said...

Ohhhh, it said 35.8 hour workDAY. Totally missed that first time I read it. Totally saw it as workWEEK.

oreneta said...

Esben: I so agree with you, and yes, it is funny that they mis-printed about the week/day issue, you are still so right though...the fact that a rise to 38.5 hours /week is note worthy is a great sign about a group of people that have their priorities absolutely square on to my eyes. It is one of the things I really love about being there...and it is how I am trying to lead my life.

DD: I got a good laugh too.

Beth: yeah, wouldn't that be great?

kate said...

Did you see the part where they are looking for people to write for them? You could definitely give that a go!

oreneta said...

Kate: I have seen that, and contemplated it, but never of these days.