Friday, August 17, 2007


I was listening to the radio this morning, not the CBC I may add, which has improved tremendously since Andy Barry came back...but trash radio because simply the news today was pretty damn glum and it was a little much at 6:45 am.

On came a listing from Elle magazine about the most important nice guy behaviours in a man/husband/boyfriend. My blood pressure has sored.

Number one, if memory serves, was putting up for you in a fight. Now between you and me I haven't needed anyone to stand up for me in a fight since early grade school, and if my husband waded in while I was mixing it up with someone my only decision would be who to scalp FIRST. I mean grow up ladies....stand on your own two d*amned feet. (I am at work and the big brother computer screening won't even let me type d*mn without that stupid little * thing. Lets see if stupid gets through. How about idiot?)

All of the next ones in the list were a long series of princess behaviours. You know, holding the door, bringing flowers, picking up the cheque at a restaurant, helping you on with your coat. What do you want here my dears, a daddy or a husband? Really. After your about 3 you don't need help with your coat most times, and you could pretty much manage all doors by the age of 4. Granted your Dad probably picked up the tab for a while longer, but hey, he was earning a little more too for most of the time.

Could have puked. No wonder there are so many dam.... sorry d*mned divorces these days if this is what women are picking.

Really my dears at Elle magazine. GROW UP. Don't marry your Dad, or the one you would have liked to have. Marry a husband.

Try respect, care and consideration. Try love that allows intimacy without annihilating difference. Try respect, interest and responsibility. That will pretty much do it for me.

Rant over.