Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Short on inspiration today, I have a couple of postable thoughts, but they just don't seem appropriate somehow, or they are work related, or are a little private...I suppose this is one of the worthwhile disciplines of blogging, can I come up with something to say, even when I apparently have nothing to say.

Youngest fell asleep in the car on the way home this evening, we'd had dinner over at a friend's house and got home, not exactly late, but at bedtime....

She reluctantly groaned out of the car as we arrived back and staggered inside admitting that she was faking for the last bit.

I remember falling asleep, or nearly asleep in the car when I was a kid and lying there desperately faking because you are just too bone weary to get out and clamber through the bedtime routine, and the nights my Dad was merciful even though I was painfully huge and carried me in were simply heaven.

There are times it is great to be little, and a broad shoulder can just pick everything up and handle it all for you. Laying you gently and lovingly to sleep at the end of a late night.

I can so relate to her when she does this...there are days I still wish it worked that way.


Unknown said...

Oh, I totally faked being asleep when I was a kid so I wouldn't have to walk myself to bed. Heck, I pretend I'm asleep now when my wife wants me to do something. Even at the dinner table.

oreneta said...

DD: You fake being asleep at the dinner table when your wife wants you to do something! I thought that look on a guys face simply meant that there was absolutely no brain action going on at all...;-)

Joanne Vive la Fr said...

oh me too me too with being carried to bed from the car by Dad.... heaven!