Monday, August 6, 2007

It was sooooo wonderful...and that PhD again...

We had such a fantastic was wonderful and relaxing and peaceful, I slept tons and feel mountains better, although I have to admit that as I pulled into TO I got a stiff neck and my sore throat returned....Why would that be I wonder?

We found this little fellow floating by the osprey had got him and lost him by the looks of his belly. We sent him back to rejoin the local ecosystem. The osprey watching was amazing...there were lots soaring and diving at the lake, although I never got a picture. We also saw a turkey vulture from the car on the way back out which was pretty cool too.

Nomad had gotten one of those portable fireplaces so we went an roasted marshmallows, I thought this was a lovely photo of the fire...

Nomad also is a woman of amazing talents on all sorts of fronts...she read my cards! You can see the cards I got in the photo below. I asked if I should pursue the PhD possibility. These were Russian Gypsy Cards and here's what I got...

And this is an overview of the reading...the first symbol was the ship. How fitting. It symbolises finances, adventure and exploration. Because of the position it is in, I am not likely to make my fortune as a result of the program, but it encouraged action, cautiously. Then I got the bear, which is about work, and effort and timing, again I should be cautious, but go ahead. Then an angel, which told me to look to a power greater than me for advice and assistance. The scales were next up, justice and balance, this one told me that if I go ahead I have to be aware of maintaining balance in my life, something I already struggle with. (Who doesn't?)

I got the hands as well, it shows that my relationships, particularly with my spouse are on solid ground. Kinda thought as much anyway, and it's position showed that I would have strong friendship and support for my life. Which was certainly nice to hear.

I also got the dog, which showed that I have a number of lasting supportive friendships with many people that I can rely on. Also nice to hear.

The boy came on the final card, which is apparently indicative of a fair amount, adventure and youthful energy are here, also travel in the near future. I could see that somehow.

My path in life is supposed to be smooth and joyful...again a pleasant card to get.
The sun appeared, saying that I influence those around me to happiness...and with it's position promises prosperity, happiness, constructive healthy and vital, it actually said that it would be a good time to take a new course or learn a skill...and to trust myself.

Weird huh?

Very nice though too. Nomad said that they don't all turn out that well, and some are sufficiently dark that it is mighty uncomfortable.

We also got talking about topics for the thesis, and I started thinking about an inter-disciplinary study around the ethics/realities of the design and implementation of educational systems for immigrant populations. This would obviously need to be refined a good deal, but I could study this in Spain or here, or indeed damn near anywhere, and I myself am an immigrant in Spain, as are my kids. It is a currently hot enough topic I should be able to get it by the various thesis committees, and it should open some doors to the possibility of work afterwards. It would be a combination of curriculum, philosophy of education and also international education studies. It could also be pretty cool. We'll see how it goes.

Chuck had one rough period this weekend, he got loose and ran through we are not sure how many patches of poison ivy, and since both Nomad and her Mom, who was up, get the most horrendous reactions to it, we washed the dog. Yup, threw the poor pooch off the dock and lathered him up. He was pretty miserable I must say. Nomad commented that we had firmly reestablished any doubts about pack order with the event. He's all fluffy now though, and softer.


Joanne Vive la Fr said...

nice reading!
i am always a bit afraid of those readings in case it comes out very horrible.....
your PHD idea sounds excellent!!
Our wonderful neighbour lent me an ENGLISH COPY OF BOOK NUMBER 7!!!!!
I'm in heavan and reading every chance I get.
Love Nana

Beth said...

Your card reading was wonderful - very encouraging. I've had (unsolicited) advice from a psychic who has been spot on regarding many things for others. I was told to put rubbing alcohol on the bottom of my feet to avoid the necessity of that surgery. I can't believe I actually did it. (Guess anything was worth a try.)
Big surprise - didn't work.

Angel said...

your card reading was really interesting! I would love Nomad to do mine sometime....

and poor Chuck! Oh well, at least he's clean and fluffy..

oreneta said...

Nana: J.E.A.L.O.U.S. I am looking for book seven HERE with no luck. No spoilers please.

Beth: Yeah it was kind of fun, and at best an interesting tool for looking at things in a different light, easier to say with a nice reading.

Beth:Well, come on up hon.